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A Review by Dennis J Duggan (BR, HONS)

Mrs Hudson receives a telegram saying that Sherlock Holmes has been killed in Switzerland, but people still call at 221b Baker Street to seek his aid.

Not to disappoint them, the resourceful Mrs Hudson and Fanny-Annie Grubbins, her street-wise cockney maid, fearlessly take over his work.

Their first case revolves round Mrs Moonstone’s missing husband, along with her jewels and her childrens’ young governess.  The ladies encounter deception and bloody murder before they solve their first crime.

This is a small book, both in length and size.  It measures 185mm x 120mm and has 178 pages.  The dust cover says ‘Introducing The First Female Private Detectives’, and two further titles in the series are listed inside: Jack the Nipper of Oxford Street and  Death Holds a Seance.

This is Holmes-lite (though without Holmes!) and the story rattles along at a very brisk pace.  It is an easy read, not meant to be taken too seriously.  I read it over a couple of sessions and rather enjoyed it.

Interestingly the signed review copy arrived from France, and was printed in Poland.  It is published by Marlborough Court at £8.99