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2 x CD’s of the musical The Baskerville Beast.  Twelve numbers from the musical by Teddy Hayes

CD ‘The Real Sherlock Holmes’  by Cenarth Fox.  The story of ACD, adapted for audio recording by the author.  We heard some of this CD at the Deerstalkers meeting in March, and everyone thought it was very good.

CD ‘The Dancing Men’ True Type Font.  Converts text into the Dancing Men code.  Ideal if you need to converse in secret with a fellow Deerstalker.  Obviously you require a PC to make use of this useful facility.

Boxed set of 18 CD’s The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes, read by David Timson.  Total running time 21 hours 11 minutes.

Boxed set of 10 CD’s The Return Of Sherlock Holmes, read by David Timson.Total running time 12 hours.

According to the box, David Timson is now regarded as one of the finest presenters of Sherlock Holmes.

Boxed set of 10 CD’s Old Time Radio Shows, Sherlock Holmes, Starring John Stanley.  The lost episodes from the 1948-49 season, restored from the original masters.  They were originally aired over the Mutual Broadcasting System.  There are twenty stories, four of which are from the canon.  These are The Bruce-Partington Plans, Black Peter, The Speckled Band, The Devil’s Foot.  Samples of the other titles are The Frightened Book Keeper, The Guy Fawkes Society, The Fabulous Windmill, The Uddington Witch.   Total listening time ten hours.

SHERLOCK HOLMES –   THE LAST ACT, by DAVID STUART DAVIES, starring ROGER LLEWELLYN  A set of two audio CD’s.  In 1916 Holmes attends the funeral of Dr Watson.  On returning to Baker Street he reflects on the old days, and realises there was much he had not revealed to his old friend and associate.  Imagining that Watson is present Holmes addresses this failing, delving deeply into the darker aspects of his own history and revealing a dark secret.  Perhaps Holmes, too, has come to the end of his time…  If I remember correctly, a few Deerstalkers saw the live show at Ludlow a couple of years ago, where we met Roger Llewellyn.