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1)  Basil Rathbone.      The Scarlet Claw      Terror By Night      Sherlock Holmes And The Secret  Weapon  (Home recordings from TV)

2)  Basil Rathbone.      Dressed To Kill.      (Introduced by Christopher Lee)

3)  Basil Rathbone.    The Pearl Of Death    Sherlock Holmes In Washington    Sherlock Holmes And The Secret Code [sic] (Home recordings)

4)  Basil Rathbone.    The House Of Fear      Sherlock Holmes Faces Death      The Woman In Green   (Home recordings)

5)  Basil Rathbone.     Pursuit To Algiers      Dressed To Kill   (Home recordings)

6)  Basil Rathbone.    Sherlock Holmes In Washington  The Pearl Of Death  Sherlock Holmes And The Spider Woman [sic] (Home recordings)

Two video tapes labeled Murder Rooms and Murder Rooms 2 (Home recordings)

Video tape of The Lost WorldStarring Bob Hoskins, James Fox, Matthew Rhys, Tom Ward, Elaine Cassidy, Peter Falk.  145 minutes running time, dated 2002.

Video tape ‘ReichenbachFalls’ donated by Brian Pugh  (Home recording)  This is a modern film, featuring Richard (One Foot In The Grave) Wilson.  I can’t say much about it without revealing the plot, so you will have to watch it yourself!  The clever storyline was spoiled for me by the leading actor’s  mumbled heavy  Scottish accent, which made some of the dialogue incomprehensible, and liberal use of bad language.  If you can live with those faults then this film is definitely worth a look.  But you need to concentrate!

Home-recorded video tape Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes, with Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce plus Sherlock Holmes, starring Clive Brooks.

Home-recorded video tape Sherlock Holmes – A Study In Terror, starring John Neville.

BBC video tape The Hound Of The Baskervilles, starring Peter Cushing.  Originally filmed in 1968, the tape is dated 2002.  According to the blurb critics are generally agreed that this lavish two-part adaptation is the most faithful to the original novel, and many believe it to be the best overall version.  Why not borrow it from the library and judge for yourself?