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All fourteen films made by Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce.  Special features:  Robert Gitt discusses the restoration project;  Audio  commentaries by David Stuart Davies and Richard Valley;  Production notes by Richard Valley for all the films.  Running  time 974 minutes.

Jonathan Kahn originally won the DVD’s in a draw, but kindly donated them back so all Deerstalkers can view them.  Please note there is a £1 rental fee for each DVD, plus postage costs if applicable.

1)  Terror by Night

Dressed to Kill

2)  Pursuit to Algiers

The Woman in Green

3)  The Scarlet Claw

The House of Fear

4)  Spider Woman

The Pearl of Death

5)  Sherlock Holmes In Washington

Sherlock Holmes Faces Death

6)  The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon

7)  The Hound of the Baskervilles

Sherlock Holmes and the Voice Of Terror

Sherlock Holmes and the Voice Of Terror

The following item has been donated to the Deerstalkers library by Michael Winter:

DVD A Study In Scarlet.  Reginald Owen stars as Sherlock Holmes (he is also the Screenwriter) with Warburton Gamble as Dr Watson.  The film was originally made in 1933, and is in black and white.

 DVD: The Eligible Bachelor, starring Jeremy Brett and Edward Hardwicke, Simon Williams, Anna Calder-Marshall, Joanna McCallum (1993)

 Your librarian is prepared to loan the following to fellow DeerstalkersDVD ‘A Scandal In Bohemia’ with Jeremy Brett and David Burke.  This is the first DVD in a series recently issued by Granada.

Roy has purchased a ten-DVD set of the Ronald Howard films, as discussed at the May meeting.  Each disc holds three films, making a total of thirty.  These star Ronald Howard as Holmes, Howard Marion-Crawford as Watson and Archie Duncan as Lestrade.  The stories are based on the Conan Doyle tales in the sense that the regular characters and background are present, but they have titles such as The Case Of The Christmas Pudding, The Case Of The Jolly Hangman, The Case Of The Neurotic Detective etc.  I have so far managed to watch part of The Case Of The Baker Street Nursemaids and found it to be rather jolly and light-hearted, with the duo being presented with a baby.

DVD:  Steven Spielberg Presents Young Sherlock Holmes.  What would have happened if Holmes and Watson had met as schoolboys?  Find out by watching this film.

DVD:  Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, The Real Sherlock Holmes.  Unlock the mystery of the man behind Sherlock Holmes, and witness the birth of the greatest detective of all time.

Roy has obtained a DVD titled 3 Classic Crime Films Of The Silver Screen.  These are The Speckled Band, starring Raymond Massey; Silver Blaze, starring Arthur Wontner; Blake Of Scotland Yard, starring Ralph Byrd.

I watched the first two films on the disc.  The Speckled Band was made in 1931, and the recording quality is poor.  I think that this was the first Sherlock Holmes ‘talke’. There is a lot of crackling and interference, plus the film seems to ‘jump’ a few frames at regular intervals.  This, along with a peculiar fading from bright to dark, makes it difficult to watch.  Mind you, it is 75 years old.

The sets are impressive, and the old manor house looks really spooky.  This film has an atmosphere of malevolence and menace, and the shots of the suspect gypsies, and their caravans on the move, are particularly good.

Another set piece shows Holmes and Watson discussing the case whilst seated on a sofa.  As they talk about each suspect the relevant face appears behind them, and in 1931 that must have been pretty innovative.

Unfortunately the acting is, with one or two exceptions, appalling.  In fact it is so bad I felt embarrassed!

We are also asked to accept that Holmes runs a busy office, complete with typists and a harassed secretary. Part of the equipment is a machine which keeps tabs on all known criminals and crimes.

Silver Blaze was made in 1938 and is much better than Speckled Band.  The quality is fine, with none of the distracting faults of the first film, and the acting is a lot better too!  This is traditional Holmes and Watson.

Russian DVD with three stories: The King Of Blackmail (Charles Milverton)  Mortal Fight (Final Problem)  Tiger Hunt (Empty House)

Russian DVD with two stories:   A Study In Scarlet, The Speckled Band.

Vasily Livanov as Holmes; Vitaly Solomin as Watson; Borislav Brondukov as Lestrade; Boris Kluyev as Mycroft; Rina Zelenaya as Mrs Hudson.  Madfe in 1979/80.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes.  Jeremy Brett stars as Holmes.  The complete collection on 16 DVD’s.  All 41 episodes are here, with a running time of over 39 hours.  Allowing time for eating and the occasional nap, you could thus spend 48 solid hours watching Holmes on TV!  Why not borrow one or more of these DVD’s to watch at your leisure?

BBC The Sherlock Holmes Collection, starring Peter Cushing and Nigel Stock.  Two DVD’s donated by Roy.  Peter Cushing had already starred as Holmes in Hammer’s movie The Hound Of The Baskervilles when, in 1968, he replaced Douglas Wilmer as Conan Doyle’s great detective in the BBC television series.  Cushing immediately fashioned his own portrayal of the illustrious figure, and is credited with bringing great authenticity to the role.

One disc contains A Study In Scarletand The Boscombe Valley Mystery.  The other shows The Sign Of Four  and The Blue Carbuncle.

BBC The Hound Of The Baskervilles, starring Richard Roxburgh (Holmes) Ian Hart (Watson) Richard E Grant (Stapleton)  John Nettles, Geraldine James, Matt Day, Neve McIntosh, Ron Cook, Liza Tarbuck.  Special features: Commentary with producer Christopher Hall and director David Attwood; The making of the film; Interviews with cast and crew

BBC Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Silk Stocking,starring Rupert Everitt and Ian Hart.  This was shown at Christmas in 2004 or 2005.  A review has appeared in The Bugle.  November 1902.  The glamour and glitter of the London debutante season is torn apart by the reign of terror of a vicious serial killer.  Holmes and Watson are reunited to solve a case which threatens to destroy the priviliged tranquillity of aristocratic society.

DVD, SHERLOCK HOLMES, THE SIGN OF THE FOUR  (Sic)  This animated version of the classic tale begins with Mary Morstan entering Holmes’ (Voiced by Peter O’Toole) office.  She enlists the help of Holmes in the hope he can solve the mystery we all know so well.  At the time of writing I have not viewed the DVD, but according to the blurb it is in colour and stereo, with an interactive menu.  Running time is 45 minutes.

DVD The Sign Of Four, starring Ian Richardson and David Healy.  A feature-length (90 minute) treat of this ever-popular tale.  Supplied free with  The Daily Express 2007.

DVD The Kingdom Of Bones, starring Ian Richardson and Charles Edwards.  Originally shown on BBC as part of The Murder Rooms series, and based on the real-life relationship between Dr Joseph Bell and Conan Doyle.  This story tells of the public unwrapping of an allegedly ancient mummy, but inside is the corpse of a recently murdered man.  Supplied free with The Daily Express 2007.  Running time 90 minutes

DVD The Patient’s Eyes, starring Ian Richardson and Charles Edwards.  Originally shown on BBC as part of The Murder Rooms series, and based on the real-life relationship between Dr Joseph Bell and Conan Doyle.  Newly-qualified, Dr Conan Doyle is troubled by a beautiful young patient who claims to be the victim of a stalker.  Supplied free with The Daily Express 2007.  Running time 90 minutes.

DVD.  ITV Regional News item on the Deerstalkers by Rob Shelley.

DVD.  Auction of items belonging to ACD.

DVD.  Arthur Conan Doyle, Detective.  The George Edjali and Oscar Slater cases.

The above DVD’s donated by Roy.